In this tutorial we will show you how to create an FTP account in CPanel. While your CPanel username and password will automatically work as an FTP login, there are times when you need to create a separate FTP login. One of the most common reasons is to allow a developer access to your website files. Another is to provide access for a third party service such as 6Scan.

Setting up an FTP account in CPanel is very easy. It is a simple two step process which can be completed in less than a minute.

Step 1

Click FTP Accounts under the Files section of CPanel.

Step 2

Enter the information requested. Create a login name and a password. Choose the parent directory you would like to provide access to. Since you are starting from the base of your web hosting account, you will have to start by typing public_html for any publicly available directories. You may also limit the amount of disk space an FTP account can use.

[info color=”light” ]Note: Entering only public_html in the Directory option will provide access to all public files and directories.[/info]

Once you hit the Save button, the account will be created. The username will be appended to the domain name to appear in email address format. You will access the account using the same FTP URL and Port provided by your web host.

You’ve now learned how to quickly and easily set up an FTP account in CPanel. For more tutorials on CPanel, WordPress, and other tools used by webmasters, visit us at and subscribe to our channel on Youtube.