There are times when you need to know basic information about the version of PHP that your web host is running. Some of the most common things you may need to know are the memory limit, maximum file size for uploads, the status of magic quotes, and the version of PHP. You can ask your host, but there is often a much faster way to find out.

Using a built in PHP function called phpinfo, you can discover a wealth of information about your PHP installation. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Create a file in your public_html directory called info.php .

Step 2

Open this file to edit. If you’re using CPanel’s file manager, right click on the file and choose Code Edit. Open using UTF-8.

Step 3

Since this is a brand new file, it is empty. Type the following into the file:

<?php phpinfo();

Save the file and close the window/tab.

Step 4

Load the page in your browser by going to . Your see a tremendous amount of information about PHP. Most of this you will likely never need to look at or ever know, but some of these setting can be helpful. When you are finished with this file, delete it. You won’t want just anyone to be able to pull this file.

You’ve now learned how to quickly and easily load a list of PHP settings and information. For more tutorials on CPanel, WordPress, and other tools used by webmasters, visit us at and subscribe to our channel on Youtube.