Coming up with color choices for a website can be difficult. If you’ve ever worked on a project (for yourself or a customer), you’ve probably found yourself spending a lot of time on the color scheme. We’ve compiled a list of 5 web sites to help break through the creative block and pick colors that not only work well, but work together.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe’s Color Wheel is one of our favorite tools. You are provided a color wheel with several swatches. Each one can be dragged around the wheel to different shares of colors. As you do this, other color swatches will move around the wheel to the colors that best match the one being moved, based on a color rule you select. If you prefer not to have your colors automatically adjust, you can set the color rule to Custom. This will prevent the other swatches from moving.

Each color is presented in RGBA and HEX, for use in Photoshop or CSS using the method you choose.

Color Schemer

Color Schemer is not just a website with color pallets that members share, but is also a full application that allows you to select and build your color pallet. The application is $49.99 but the gallery of pallets created is free to browse. Since each color in the pallet displays itself as two shades, you are presented a nice range of colors. The gallery is a great place to find inspiration, with over 6,000 member generated color schemes.

Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer is much like Adobe’s Color Wheel. It features a large draggable wheel and “color rules” at the top which change how your complementing colors are chosen. It builds the colors for you in a large square to the right, but breaks up sections of this square to show you how the colors visually work together in close proximity. This can be especially useful when using background color on website body and div backgrounds that may touch or overlap.


At first glance, Colourlovers is similar to Color Schemer. Members create color pallets, share, comment on and rate them. When Colourlovers differs by offering color inspiration and sharing in more than just a simple pallet. The site focuses on colors, palettes, and patterns. It provides links to various tools (including Color Schemer) to allow you to generate your ideas. It also features images to help show how websites and other products are using color. With over 3 million color pallets, Colourlovers provides a large library of inspiration.


Sometimes you have to leave the regular spots to find what you’re looking for. When it comes to visually appealing, HGTV does it best. Using their website, you can find enough inspiration to last a life time. They offer everything from paint colors to furniture to layout ideas. It’s certainly worth taking the time to see what their creative minds have put together. It may spark a few ideas in yours.

Do you know of a site that offers a great way to find color inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!