In an article I wrote last year about image resizing, I mentioned the Yahoo! image optimization service called Since then, Yahoo! oddly decided to shut down the service without any warning or explanation. If you’re looking for an alternative online image optimization service, we’ve got you covered.

#1 – Optimizilla

Optimizilla online image optimization
Optimizilla is an online image optimization tool that can handle multiple uploads at once. is a great alternative to It provides a simple interface to upload your images, followed by an easy to use compression tool that can reduce the weight of your images to a fraction of their original size. Best of all, there is very little quality loss. This is a perfect online app for web designers and webmasters who want to improve the speed of their website graphics.

With Optimizilla you can upload and optimize up to 20 JPEG or PNG images at one time. The optimizer will automatically compress the images based on the image type. It will also provide an option to change the amount of compression being applied. This will shrink the size of the file but also degrade the image quality as a result.

After uploading your images, you can download the optimized versions individually or all at once in a zip file.

#2 – online image optinmization interface is a fast and easy to use online image optimization tool.

If you’re looking for a fast option for online image optimization that also supports GIF and SVG, check out The free service accepts JPEG, GIF, SVG, and PNG images, and applies automatic compression to reduce the weight of your images. It’s fast, dead simple and even supports outputting the files directly to Dropbox or Google Drive. is a great tool that offers lossy or lossless compression for your uploads. We ran a test between Optimizilla and on a 7.07MB stock photo of Beatrice Maria. The results of the image optimization test:

  • Optimizilla – 811kb  (90% Quality)
  • – 788kb (Lossy)

To get the Omptimizilla version down to 784kb, the quality had to be reduced to 88%.

The best online image optimization tool is….

When it comes to the best of the two, the winner is obvious: use the one you like best. Both tools offer great compression, speed and ease of use. The results are similar, so the choice is really based around your particular needs. If you need to upload and optimize multiple images at once, use Optimizilla. If you don’t want to alter the compression and only need to upload a single image, go with The two offer great results and will help increase the speed of your webpages.